Soft gym exercises to improve your health and preserve your autonomy at any age !

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Get active !

Practicing an appropriate physical activity limits pathological risks such as arterial hypertension, diabete or cardiovascular diseases.
It also limits weight gain, muscle loss and lower the risk of falls.

Senior gym activity allows to tone up muscles, to improve body’s flexibility and stability, heart and lung functions by reducing the feeling of tiredness, articular and back pains.

It brings benefits on daily life, particularly on stability, coordination and dexterity. Senior gym activity also maintains flexibility, improves bone and muscle mass and reduce breathing difficulties : it makes you feel in good shape and younger !

And on top of that, those various activities also trains brain activity which maintain concentration and memory abilities.

A senior gym session improves sleep while reducing stress and anxiety.

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Déroulement du programme de coaching sportif ?

The exercises I propose will meet your needs. It will consist of slow and fun action gestures in a secure and friendly environment. The importance of this exercise is to focus on the quality of your gestures and the attention you pay when moving.

This helps coordination and cardiovascular warm-up to reach precision of your gesture. Movements should contribute to strengthen muscles. Exercises are made so that everyone enjoy it, without having the impression of making major efforts. Get in shape with fun games and tailor-made workout routines with swissball, gymstick, elastics, dumbbells, and so on… Those exercises will significantly and quickly improve your body condition thanks to Pilates and other methods.

Each session starts with a series of warm-ups to prepare muscles and articulations to the next exercises. They can be done with accessories to bring a playful aspect to the session since they are based on sharing and playing with different partners. The session ends with a series of relaxing movements.

A healthy life leads to a full life and reduces stress and anxiety. Play sports, keep moving to stay young !

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